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The Alahad Group, a renowned recruitment agency led by industry experts in Pakistan, upholds the pioneering vision of its Founder & CEO, Muhammad Sharif (+923009259090) on WhatsApp. Being one of Pakistan’s largest privately-owned overseas recruitment agencies, Alahad Group is dedicated to providing top-tier recruitment services to both clients and candidates. Our dedication is fueled by team spirit, openness, and a shared determination to achieve our objectives collectively. We collaborate with major Gulf blue-chip corporations, governmental bodies, private enterprises, and public institutions. Our specialized manpower recruitment services enhance HR performance throughout its entire life cycle. Upholding quality and continuously investing in manpower recruitment, we are driven by innovation, which has been the cornerstone of Alahad Group’s identity.

Alahad Group stands as the premier choice for numerous successful Gulf organizations seeking contract or permanent recruitment solutions. Our impressive track record spanning 15 years in delivering manpower recruitment services to clients of all sizes speaks volumes about our excellence. The continuous return of clients to Alahad Group is the true testament to our success. Our array of Manpower Services from Pakistan covers diverse fields such as Engineering, Construction & Contracting, Office Personnel Management, Transportation, Hotel & Catering, Hospitality, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Manufacturing & Production, Garments, and Textiles, among others.
We form partnerships with the largest Gulf blue-chip corporations, Government Agencies, Private Enterprises, and public institutions, offering specialized Manpower Recruitment Services that enhance HR performance across the entire lifecycle. Alahad Group prides itself on transparency, security, flexibility, and scalability. Our dedicated workforce and personnel are available round the clock to serve you. We provide expert support at any stage of your hiring process, tailored to your specific needs.

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Discover overseas job opportunities with new postings daily. Choose from a pool of 19,931 overseas jobs available on the Alahad Group platform and share your valuable experiences to assist others. Let employers discover you online, receive job matches via email – all of this is simple and absolutely free.

Looking for a job in the Middle East?

Present your CV and enable employers to connect with you through Alahad Group’s recruitment platform. Explore the latest vacancies and job openings in the Middle East. Alahad Group, the frontrunners in providing manpower recruitment services to jobseekers in Pakistan, cater to a diverse clientele spanning industries such as manufacturing, construction, engineering, telecommunication, petrochemicals, banking, information technology, trading and distribution, shipping and aviation, travel and leisure, healthcare, accounting and auditing, financial services, transportation, call centers, and business process outsourcing, to name a few.
Whether your requirement pertains to a single vacancy or multiple positions, short-term projects or long-term ventures, Labour Hire or Manpower Recruitment, Alahad Group stands ready as your dedicated recruitment expert in Pakistan. Reach out to us today and discover how we can address your recruitment needs effectively.

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